Architecture Design

Architecture Design

Design has many facets. There is the Business of Design, the Mechanics and Science of Design, the Sociology and Psychology of Design and the Art and Craft of Design. During every assignment, we explore and are challenged by all of these facets. All of these facets have very physical, measurable, easily describable characteristics. We design unique, appropriate, artful and finely crafted projects—this is the nucleus of our mission. It breathes life into and embodies all of the qualities of every space we design.

Our workplaces are smart and hardworking. They are also beautifully designed because we believe that thoughtfully crafted spaces created improve the quality of worklife. Clients never have to choose between function and beauty; in the best-designed spaces they are in balance. There is no compromise in the quality or the character or the craft.  And they are designed entirely and specifically for that one client. It speaks to both the art and integrity of our process.

Elevating the work experience by creating high quality spaces and details, we contribute to the larger goals of our clients and our society, those that honor the individual desire for beauty and harmony in our lives.

It’s how we think about design at Ista La Stu.


Works Phase in accordance with Our Services are as follows :

  • Phase 1                Schematic Design
  • Phase 2                Design Development
  • Phase 3                Documentation
  • Phase 4                Construction