Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Project / Construction Management Consultancy Services are necessary and critical to the success of complex Projects (those that are high impact and time sensitive) within your organization. We  provide outstanding Project / Construction Management through an array of services applied to Construction Projects and Programs – from the Planning and Design through the construction and post-construction phases – for the purpose of achieving project objectives, including the management of quality, cost, time, and scope

According to Our Services on Project / Construction Management Services, It is more than a certification and spending some time working on projects. It takes :

(1)     a Solid Project Management Knowledge Foundation,

(2)     Experience applying Project Management “best practices” in practical situations,

(3)     Genuine Client Relationship Management, and

(4)     Establishing Credibility.

As a project management consulting company, our services are based on providing our clients with resources with the appropriate knowledge and skills. Ista La Stu have been Developing Project Management Consultants to meet Our Clients’ needs. We present four attributes of a Project Management Services :

(1)     a Solid foundation in Project Management or a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a particular area of Project Management,

(2)     Demonstrated experience applying Project Management “best practices” in practical situations,

(3)     Genuine Customer Relationship Management (i.e., Understanding the Client’s Problems and Needs, Formulating Recommendations, and Implementing Solutions); and

(4)     Credibility.

It is not only delivering a Project on Schedule (by Timeline), Within Budget, and to Performance Requirements, but also understanding the Client’s Strategic Objectives and Delivering Value. We looks at how to develop these attributes of a Project Management System. We develop our staff’s consulting skills to meet our Federal Government Clients’ specific Project Management needs and where we support staff career Development in Project Management Consulting.